#The Hairy Truth

A woman with long hair is posing for the camera.

#thehairytruth  Your scalp produces the amount of natural oils your hair needs.   Up your game!!! Add more moisturize to your hair and it will help your oily scalp balance…

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A woman with long black hair is posing for the camera.

Why do we promote different bottle sizes? Shampoo is for cleaning your Scalp. Conditioner is for nurturing and healing your Hair. We want you to shampoo less and condition more!…

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A woman with long hair is standing up

So what causes damage? Environmental —sun, wind and water! We all know how a day at the beach or pool can take its toll on our hair! It’s got it…

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Let’s Learn

A woman with blue hair is standing on the street.

Hair Structure Hair is broken down into 3 components  The Cuticle …often described like fish scales or roofing tiles for a visual comparison. This is the layer that protects the hair.…

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A woman with purple lipstick and brown hair.

Hair is comprised of Amino Acids,  Peptide Bonds, Polypeptide Chains, Keratin Proteins and Salt (Side) bonds. These are the Building Blocks of hair. Amino Acids are compounds made up of…

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