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WHAT QUALIFIES ME to sell you products

My name is Autumn Wood

"TLDR:  I spent 30 years of my career educating myself and my clients on the best hair care products out there non-brand specific and then in the end created my own brand that was the best and beyond for 30 years experience and education."

With more than 30 years in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work in nearly every role in the industry. Starting at the desk and trained as an assistant, I took the advice from senior stylists and went to school. The formal training opened my eyes to the diverse opportunities of the industry. After establishing myself with a well respected salon, I explored the educational aspect of the industry and found a love and natural talent for educating. Starting with brand-based product knowledge and soft skills; consultations, retail and upselling; business building etc. I eagerly worked my way up and took a position as a permanent wave educator. Allowing me to flex my creative ability and knowledge of curly hair creating gorgeous natural looking results!
I’ve worked backstage at fashion shows, assisted platform artists both in prep and presentation of models. I’ve been involved in many photoshoots and my work has appeared in marketing campaigns.
I’m a staunch believer that the more diverse your education, the higher your skill set will be. So I’ve got a crazy long list of classes I’ve attended over the years! Often taking essentially similar classes but with different educators, gaining a depth of insight and practical experience testing and executing new ideas and concepts. If you understand the why’s and how’s, you’ll be able to achieve your creative dreams!
All of which lead me to my current dreams and goals!
My own brand!

Let’s start with some stories… I’m standing in the beauty supply store in front of a wall of shampoos/conditioners. Row upon rows, shelves upon shelves. Now I’m looking for a specific shampoo my spoiled husband is currently on! I know the Big Brand Name, the Special Series it’s featured in and the formula he uses. I’m overwhelmed and lost staring at a sea of bottles!!! Too many complicated choices for shampoo. 😩😩😩

As I double process my hair with bleach and high lift colors, I’m forever using reconstructive and treatment products! I only use high quality professional salon product! I have all the knowledge to use the products to their maximum potential. Yet my hair was never fixed. Ya know? It was never healthy. I accepted my hair was perpetually damaged and would never be a healthy unless I completely stopped chemical servicing it. Got to be honest I was a little unhappy with this and didn’t really want to accept that kind of truth.

I reached out to my industry contacts and started researching what it would take to develop a professional brand of hair care products.

Inside the first meeting with my team of chemists and manufacturer, lines were drawn and key phrases were defined. Simple to choose. Easy to understand. Performance is the bottom line that drives our choices.
It’s Simple. It’s Easy. It Works. One of our first key phrases that’s stayed with the brand. The brand is designed to work for the majority of clients. As I believe that everyone wants to love their hair! And we’re here to help make that dream a reality! There will always be individuals with different, specific hair needs and The Hair TriAngle will be there for them when they’re ready 😘😁 😁 But for the most of us our hair goals are achievable with The Hair TriAngle products.

I completely respect and acknowledge the power our hair holds! Literally the crowns we wear every day! My commitment to every client that sits in my chair, every single time is the same. I want you to love your hair. In its general natural state. A healthy scalp growing healthy hair is the foundation.

  • Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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