Have Healthy Hair From Root to Tip Specially formulated hair care products for everyone

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Have Healthy Hair From Root to Tip Specially formulated hair care products for everyone

Our Indy brand is excited to be based in Vancouver BC Canada!!! With Every thing from our team of chemists, manufacturing, labels and packaging, to our distribution center, we are local!!! So proud to be based in the Lower Mainland , we’ve put the mountains in our logo!  
TheHairTriAngle is committed to providing professional hair care products available to salons and clients at reasonable prices. We do this by keeping all associated costs to a minimum. Why pay extra for fancy packaging and marketing campaigns?
The ultimate solution to your hair care dreams is high quality shampoo and conditioner.  A simple choice that sets the stage for your hair to be your crowning glory!!! Pun intended!!! Creating a consistent environment conducive to maintaining healthy scalp and hair.  It’s easy when one product line can and does address all your hair needs! 
All we want is for you to #loveyourhair 
It’s simple. It’s easy. It works. 
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Must-Have Products to Add in Your Hair Care Routine

The Hair TriAngle hair care line has been designed with  a very simple concept.

Hair lives in three basic states. Limited to no damage —Replenishing the essentials?  FOUNDATION 3 Consistently needs help —Routinely fighting damage?  MAINTENANCE 6 Full repair mode —Begging for help?  REPAIR 9 No matter the texture, density or ethnicity...All hair is made of the same building blocks.Every head of hair needs the same essential components to be healthy and happy. It’s only a question of how much help the hair needs. The simple and easy truth of The Hair TriAngle series is that It works.  By fundamentally creating a base for which a healthy head of hair continues to grow and flourish.

Concentrated formulas makes those bottles last!


  • Low maintenance clients
  • Daily wash
  • Short hair /Men
  • Kids
  • Stunning detangling abilities
  • Can be used as a leave in conditioner


  • Go to for most clients
  • Colour safe
  • Curls love us
  • Natural grey’s friend
  • Amino acid rich formula
  • Treatment quality conditioner


  • Rebuilding more bonds
  • Deep moisture benefits
  • Salon quality treatments at home
  • Luxurious amino acid rich formula
  • Over processed, damaged, broken, fragile, sensitized
  • Chemical, heat and environmental damage
  • All that and it’s Colour safe

Advanced cutting-edge technology

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