So what causes damage?

Environmental —sun, wind and water! We all know how a day at the beach or pool can take its toll on our hair! It’s got it all! Water and heat break the hydrogen bonds. These are responsible for one third of the strength of the hair! Don’t worry, they reform easily and naturally as the hair dries. This is why hairdressers cry when they watch people rip a brush through wet hair! ? The hot tools we use so often add additional damage.  Did you know that a single iron service can causes the same damage as two blow dries? That’s a lot of heat!

Chemical services—all forms of colour from semi permanent, to toners, permanent colour to lightening services. These all cause varying levels of damage. Permanent waves and chemical straightening,  which break down more of the bonds to reform the hair into different shapes can contribute to damage.

A diagram of bonds and their molecular structure.
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The Hair Triangle