#The Hairy Truth


Your scalp produces the amount of natural oils your hair needs.   Up your game!!! Add more moisturize to your hair and it will help your oily scalp balance itself.  

Address the problem, not just the symptoms. 


Fact checking an old-wife’s tale. Does brushing your hair with one hundred strokes every night help it grow???  


Improved blood circulation to the scalp increases natural growth and speeds up the natural healing process.  Redistributing the natural oils down the length of the hair where it’s needed! 

Let’s be honest here shall we… Who has the time or inclination to attend their hair like this on the daily?  Although I’m certain there are some people out there that do,  the majority of us don’t! Myself included! 

Which is why we developed advanced hair care products!  

We live in different times and our hair needs have advanced. 

We do a lot more damage to our hair than this simple task can improve! 


Leaving conditioner in your hair for 5 minutes or more while you soap up and etcetera in the shower,  can make or break the ability of the product!  Adopt this habit and see the difference! 


The simpler the solution, the more likely we are to apply it. 


How bad does your hair feel? 

Not Bad — F3

Bad — M6

Really Bad — R9

Always choose to add more, not less of what you think your hair needs.  

Always start with M6  and add a 2oz R9 conditioner. 


One liquid ounce… how much is that???  …what does that look like??? 

That’s 2 tablespoons, 1/8th of a cup or a shot glass.  Imagine pouring all of that into the palm of your hand.  That’s a lot of conditioner!!! Even Half of that is a lot!!!  Start with less, you can always add more. 


TheHairTriAngle is CONCENTRATED!!! Far more than the average proffessional or drugstore brands. 

We choose to manufacture in smaller batches to keep quality control at it’s highest! 

Although not officially organic, there’s a large amount of natural components in all our formulas. 

We use advanced technology and fewer artificial ingredients to stabilize our formulas. Less of the stuff that causes irritation and sensitivity! 

We choose not to extend our quality formulas with filler ingredients.  Creating real value at reasonable prices.  


On average a minimum of 20% of the cost of products is their packaging. 

When designing our labels, there were so many choices to be made!  We looked at everything from embossing and holographic elements to imprinted bottles! All those potential options just brought the costs higher and higher! The truths are simple of course. The HairTriAngle is committed to high quality products at reasonable prices. 

The pH Scale 

The pH scale measures the acidity level in liquids. 

The stand scale runs from 0 to 14. From acidic to base (alkaline). 

With 7 being neutral, such as clean water.  

Examples of acids are lemon juice, vinegar.

Examples of base (alkaline) are sea water, baking soda and ammonia.  

The scalp’s average pH is 5.5 

The hair shaft’s average pH is 3.67

Common examples

Milk 6 

Human blood 7.35-7.45 

Sea water 8.1 

Baking soda 9 

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